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Image show the ripple effect of the disability vote, person with a disability votes, and in turn so do their family, friends, advocates, educators, professionals, providers, and bureaucrats.

Help America Vote

We need your help to learn more about your voting experience in the 2016 Election.  The Help America Vote (HAVA) was passed to make sure everyone in this country could cast a private and independent vote.  Now, we want to make sure the law is working.  You can help by completing our survey.  You can do this independently or with help from someone you choose.  Please complete both Part one and Part two of this survey.

Voters with Disabilities Experience Survey Part one

Voters with Disabilities Experience Survey Part two


US DOJ Checklist for Polling Places

VOTE.  It’s Your Right:  A Guide to the Voting Rights of People with Mental Disabilities, by Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law & National Disability Rights Network, 2008 click here

Serving All Vermonters – A training video to help local officials better serve people with disabilitiesprepared by the Vermont Secretary of State with assistance from Vermont Center for Independent Living and Vermont Protection & Advocacy, among others

Assisting Voters with Disabilities Training Video, Oregon Voting Guide and Other Resources

Virginia Protection and Advocacy Multimedia Version of Polling Places Checklist


US Election Assistance Commission

National Resources for Voters, including national registration

Oklahoma State Election Board

Voter Assistance for People with Disabilities


Title 230 – State Election Board

Chapter 35 – Election Conduct

Subchapter 9 – Hava Requirements


Section Description
Section 230:35-9-21 Purpose
Section 230:35-9-22 Complaints
Section 230:35-9-23 Receiving complaints
Section 230:35-9-24 Investigation of complaint
Section 230:35-9-25 Hearing
Section 230:35-9-26 Resolution of complaint
Section 230:35-9-27 Alternative dispute resolution for complaint
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